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Puzzle Snail Toy

Puzzle Snail Toy

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Engage Your Pup's Senses with the Puzzle Snail Toy!

The Puzzle Snail Toy is more than just a toy; it's an interactive experience that promotes cognitive development and relieves boredom for your canine companion. Hide treats or kibble within the snail's shell and watch as your dog uses its innate sense of smell and problem-solving skills to uncover the hidden delights. The snuffle mat feature slows down mealtime for fast eaters, enhancing digestion. Its portable nature means you can spice up walks, picnics, or playdates with engaging entertainment, and the nonslip design ensures stability even during enthusiastic play. Cleaning is a breeze – just toss the snuffle mat in the washer, keeping playtime hygienic and fresh.

✔ Interactive Foraging Fun

✔ Portable and Nonslip Design

✔ Easy-to-Clean Snuffle Mat

Stimulates Mental Agility

Engage your dog's mind with this puzzle toy, which encourages problem-solving and sharpens cognitive abilities.

Promotes Natural Instincts

Tap into your pup's foraging instincts, providing hours of entertainment as they search for hidden treats.

Versatile Play Possibilities

Whether indoors or outdoors, the portable and nonslip design allows for playtime anywhere, anytime.

Enhances Mealtime 

The snuffle mat doubles as a slow feeder, helping prevent indigestion by slowing down fast eaters.

Easy to Maintain

Keep playtime clean and hygienic – the snuffle mat is machine washable, ensuring a fresh and safe play surface.

Product Specs

  • Cleaning: Machine washable snuffle mat
  • Portability: Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Base: Nonslip design for stability
  • Suitable For: Dogs of all sizes and breeds

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